A new logo for ELTE S.r.l.

Ever since it was established, in 1978, ELTE S.r.l. has continued to innovate its motorized spindles through ongoing technological research. This drive for technical improvement eventually spawned the need for a change of image, starting with the logo, which was required to better convey the company's changes and new challenges.

The upward curve in the foreground conjures up the idea of growth, in both the sense of financial capital and, above all, in the sense of human capital.  After all, a manufacturing firm is the sum of the people who work for it and keep it running. ELTE has managed to grow its staff numbers considerably, expanding this business with each year.

The curve splits the firm's name into two different colours: red and grey.

Rather than suggesting a sharp division, the curving sweep of the separation gives the idea of a page being turned over. Here, the reference is to a comparison between past and present, in which research leads every day to new technological solutions, while such values as the importance of quality and passion for the work remain constant cornerstones.

An Italian flag has been added alongside the payoff in English.  This apparent contradiction helps cement two key concepts to convey what ELTE is all about: on the one hand, a decidedly export- oriented business and, on the other, the fact that its motorized spindles are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.