AF 110/S Electrospindle With HSK F50 Coupling *


Elte srl has always designed customised motors and electrospindles according to the technical specifications of its customers, in order to meet their every need.  

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in investments relating to Industry 4.0. This growing interest has also benefited Italian industry, a global benchmark for machine tools, robotics and automation.

The essence and the future of the manufacturing industry is represented by CNC machines, which are increasingly advanced machines capable of guaranteeing productivity, flexibility and reliability at the same time.
With the advent of machining centres, it became essential to develop faster, stronger and more balanced motors and electrospindles in order to keep up with the new machines and market requirements.

With all of these aspects in mind, ELTE's team of technical experts designed and manufactured the AF 110/S electrospindle with HSK F50 taper, entirely on the basis of an analysis of the customer's requirements. The motor is designed to work on CNC machines with four controlled axes and is made to machine bars or axes in wood, aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general and steel.

This motor is able to meet both the demand for small dimensions and the need for a motor with an automatic tool change. Thanks to compressed air cooling, this mechanical gem does not require a cooling unit, saving costs and space.

Elte has considerable production flexibility, enabling it to process small and large batches of electric motors without delays or long lead times. The experience and competence of Elte technicians can be fully relied upon to customise motors and electrospindles down to the smallest detail to maximise the efficiency of machine tools. In addition, Elte offers constant support to its customers through a fast and extensive repair service.

* The AF 110/S electrospindle with HSK F50 taper is an exclusive custom motor, not available in the catalogue. Contact us to design your custom motor