A new frontier for CNC machining centres

The Industry 4.0 model constantly establishes new horizons in the integration of increasingly precise, efficient forms of automation into production lines, allowing new levels of competitiveness to be achieved in the manufacturing industry. This is why Elte srl, which has always designed custom motors and electrospindles to satisfy all customer requirements, has launched a new line designed for CNC machinery subject to extreme workloads.

The TMA 5 automatic series targets customers who perform particularly long and complex high precision machining processes for high quality results. The TMA 5 series electrospindles are exceptionally tough and are designed for CNC machining centres with automatic tooling changeover.

The TMA 5 automatic series is produced using two types of coupling to satisfy all customer needs (HSK F63 and ISO 30 in the standard version) and with two types of cooling (liquid or compressed air and 24V DC fan). Overhangs can also be machined with a wide range of HSK and ISO tools.

For standard high precision, the electrospindles of this series are assembled using a pair of angular contact bearings with a balance grade below 1 mm/sec.

The TMA 5 automatic series is mainly used for machining wood, aluminium, plastic, light alloys, thermosetting materials and steel.

The electrospindles of this series are part of the impressively vast Elte catalogue. 40-plus years experience, expert staff and advanced machinery mean Elte can produce electric motors and electrospindles for any requirement, from the simplest to frequencies of 50-60,000 rpm.