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Light alloys

Technical characteristics

Shaft extension

  • Single phase input 230 V (+-20%) frequency 45-65 Hz
  • Speed regulation by means of a potentiometer
  • Voltage and output frequency are already set
  • Checkout of the presence of the inverter feeding
  • Checkout of the output phases (missing phase, high absorption)
  • Over temperature protection
  • Reversal of the direction of rotation by means of a jumper
  • Output frequency from 40 to 400 Hz Max power available 1.5 Kw

We are at your disposal to value further requests and possible modifications based on customer’s specifications.
N.B. It is possible to crry out this new brand of electric spindles with incorporated inverter on all our series with max powe 1.5 Kw and frequency variable from 50 to 400 H.

TypeVoltage [Volt]Frequency [Hz]RPMPower output [Kw][Amp]Cos jWeight [Kg]Link PDF
STK21 6,5/222010060000,102,400,451,8
STK21 6,5/2220200120000,225,200,451,8
STK21 6,5/2220300180000,338,000,451,8
STK21 9/22205030000,101,500,682
STK21 9/222010060000,223,300,682
STK21 9/2220200120000,5508,200,682
STK21 9/2220300180000,7510,800,682